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Kegs (04:35)


Bobby Bognar goes to the ballpark for a mea. He tours Tosca Limited, where they repair stainless steel beer containers. Workers remove and inspect the valves and barrels, remove dents, and test the containers.

Hops (03:49)

Bognar visits a Yakima Valley hopyard that uses twining methods to grow and harvest crops. Workers cool and pelletize the flowers before shipment to breweries.

Beer (06:19)

At Anheuser-Busch breweries, workers alter tap water and add it to grains before it undergoes agitation. They cook and mix the mash, filter the wort, and combine it with hops and yeast before fermentation. Workers inspect the product during the bottling process.

Hot Dog (04:38)

Bognar assists Cloverdale Meats workers; he inspects lean beef and fat trimmings while feeding it into a grinder. The meat mix is blended with ice, secret spices, and ground mustard, then emulsified into paste.

Casing (05:55)

Cellulose hotdog forms are made from pine tree pulp. The viscose undergoes shaping, washing, drying, spooling, and compression. At Cloverdale meats, a Frank-A-Matic stuffs and links emulsified meat before smoking, uncasing, and inspection.

Mustard (05:53)

At French's factory, machines shake the seeds clean and combine them with spices before they are mixed with water and vinegar. The paste is ground until smooth before machine bottling

Cracker Jack (06:30)

Frito Lays pops ten tons of popcorn daily in a forced air cooker. The popcorn receives a coating of caramel made from molasses, corn syrup, sugar, and salt; peanuts and surprises are added during boxing.

Drumstick (05:51)

At a Dryer's factory, machines cool vanilla dairy, forming soft serve ice cream. Waffle cones receive a chocolate coated before they are filled with ice cream, frozen, dipped in chocolate and peanuts, and packaged. Bognar assists Quality Control with product inspection.

Credits: Hotdogs and Beer (00:20)

Credits: Hotdogs and Beer

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An afternoon at the ballpark isn't complete without a few trips to the concession stand. Today, more than ever, food service vendors offer increasingly finer fare.

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