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Beef (04:39)


Bobby Bognar visits Nordman Feedlots, where cattle are fattened before slaughter. At Eickman's meat processing plant, butchers divide cow carcasses into cuts; they grind fat and chuck together to create hamburger patties.

Buns (06:01)

At Fresh Start Bakeries, workers mix flour with yeast and liquids before fermentation. A massive mixer kneads the mixture into dough; a conveyor machine shapes and drops it into pans before they are covered in sesame seeds and baked.

Cheese (05:01)

Bognar explains American cheese’s importance to burgers. In Wisconsin, a Master Blender grinds Colby and cheddar, adding concentrated milk fat, color, and emulsifiers. The mixture undergoes steaming, shaping, cooling, and slicing; a lab technician tests melt viscosity.

Pickles (06:12)

Cucumbers float into Mount Olive, where they undergo cleaning before being placed into vats and covered in salt water brine. Workers and machines wash, cut, inspect, and pack them into jars before adding vinegar, water, and seasonings.

Lettuce (04:43)

Bognar participates in an iceberg lettuce harvest; workers chop, wash, and package the heads for shipment to Fresh Express Processing Plant. The product is cooled, shredded, washed, dried, portioned, bagged, and boxed within thirty minutes of arrival.

Onions (04:51)

Bognar visits Nunhems, where onion seeds are harvested from umbels; the plants are gender segregated and pollinated by bees kept on site. Machines separate product from dirt and debris; an infrared scanner ensures optimal color.

Potatoes (06:24)

Bognar observes a Russet harvest; machines dig plants and load spuds onto a truck. Workers remove rocks and debris from the product which is then cleaned, peeled, and cut Julienne style. French fries undergo blanching and frying before they are frozen.

Ketchup (05:42)

At the Five Star Ranch, a harvester cuts and separates tomatoes from plants. At a processing factory, machines heat the fruit and extract juices which are then evaporated to concentrate the product. Workers season the puree, test viscosity, and bottle the finish product.

Credits: Cheeseburger and Fries (00:36)

Credits: Cheeseburger and Fries

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A cheeseburger and a side of fries—last year, Americans ate over 7 billion of them. And there's an amazing story behind every one. Any idea how they get the sesame seeds to stick to the bun?

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