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Long Term Care Facility Infection Risk (05:44)


A stroke survivor with a catheter and feeding tube, an Alzheimer's patient, a COPD patient, and a hypertensive diabetic with heart disease are at risk. Multiple diagnoses and medications can lower immunity. Hear why immobility and incontinence increase susceptibility to infection.

Nursing Actions when Suspecting an Infection (04:22)

See a list of common long term care facility infections. Review the proper hand washing technique. Report any sign of infection to your supervisor and direct residents with respiratory infections to cough and sneeze into a tissue.

Urinary Tract Infections (05:18)

The common infection is usually caused by microorganisms and involves the urethra, bladder, ureters, and kidneys. People on Foley catheters and women are at higher risk. Learn about symptoms and preventive measures, including proper catheter bag placement and management.

Decubitus Ulcer Infections (06:20)

Pressure sores involve tissues dying from inadequate blood supply. Learn about risk factors, formation, and prevention measures.

Linens (03:20)

Bedding must be clean, dry, and changed regularly to prevent infection. Learn about proper laundry handling techniques. Observation, proper daily care, and hand washing are important for preventing infection in long term care facilities.

Credits: Infection Control In The Long Term Care Facility (00:36)

Credits: Infection Control In The Long Term Care Facility

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Infection Control In The Long Term Care Facility

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In this program, we discuss why long term care residents are highly susceptible to infection. We will also examine common infections that occur in Long Term Care facilities.

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