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Japanese Chess (05:04)


An AI machine defeats Amahiko Sato at a game of Shogi. Yoshiharu Habu explores how the evolution of artificial intelligence has changed. Taxi drivers rely on forecasts generated by AI to find clients.

Analyzing the Shogi Match (06:00)

Sato is the first new master in 14 years. Issei Yamamoto develops Ponanza, an AI machine who has not lost a match since 2013. Data becomes a teacher for technology.

Unorthodox Practices (01:50)

Habu discusses how humanity's knowledge of Shogi is limited. Things that occur in the game could reveal what the future holds.

Taxi Technology (05:19)

A company in Nagoya uses AI to predict where passengers might be located. A driver describes how it has improved her customer base. The software development company takes weather, day of the week, time of day, and location data into account.

Finance Industry (02:47)

Computers process 80% of trades at the Tokyo Stock Market. A security firm develops an AI-based stock price prediction program. Susumu Usui describes why humans cannot handle the high volume of trades.

AI Victory (04:00)

Ponanza beats Satu in Shogi because it chooses unpredictable moves. Issei Yamamoto wonders how his AI technology has become so powerful.

Crime and Technology (04:40)

Law enforcement officials use AI technology to predict inmates who are at risk to re-offend and by which crime; sentence terms are affected. Robert believes it is unfair that a computer assessment can influence his prison sentence.

Employee Appraisal (07:14)

AI analyzes whether and individual would quit medical administration positions. Employees fill out questionnaires and comment forms to determine potential attrition from job-related stress. The AI development firm makes software for banks, law firms, and other companies that handle large amounts of documents.

Making Use of AI (02:56)

AI has inspired technical advances and it could be immensely beneficial to humans. Sato changes Shogi strategies after losing to the AI.

AI and Government (03:37)

The South Korean government debates whether to use AI. Ben Goertzel researches how to create a robot politician to draft policies. Sophia receives training data including laws, constitutions, economies, and national defense policies from countries around the world.

AI Competitor (04:59)

Ponanza beats Sato again in Shogi. AI may prove more capable than humans. People will need to consider its use in the future.

Credits; AI: Into the Real World (00:49)

Credits; AI: Into the Real World

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Be it chess or Go, artificial intelligence has swept aside human grandmasters. Now, this human-surpassing AI technology is leaping from the game console into the real world. A taxi company in Japan has boosted passenger numbers by 20% by introducing an AI system that anticipates peak demand and dispatches cars accordingly. In the US, AI is used in courtrooms to calculate the risk of recidivism and help determine prison terms. This new technology is changing the world, but for better or worse?

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