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Malaria in Africa (03:54)


Africans fear the disease that kills a child every 30 seconds; a farmer believes Artemisia is a cure. Mourners grieve the death of a child. Cecilia Awori takes her son Simon to Jimmy Magarab for diagnosis. (Credits)

Transmission and Treatment (02:21)

The female mosquito's saliva carries malaria parasites that target the liver. Magara gives Simon Coartem, a medicine derived from Artemisinin. The parasite is building resistance to Chloroquine and other conventional drugs.

Rising Death Toll (04:36)

Nazeem Mohammad is not allowed to sell Artemisinin Combined Therapy drugs because of outdated equipment. Kampala Pharmaceutical Industries must export raw materials for purification and re-import them to manufacture paracetamol. Clovis Kabaseke believes growing Artemisia will solve the malaria and poverty crisis in Uganda.

War on Malaria (07:36)

Magara brings Coartem to another CMD, who has not received any medication for three months. Farmers do not believe growing Artemisia will be cost effective after the government convinced them to produce vanilla beans and moringa. Kabaseke convinces 300 farmers to join his cooperative.

Patient Check-up (02:52)

Magara visits Simon; his temperature has significantly reduced. Awori possesses one bed net for herself and six children. Malaria causes poverty, premature deaths, and repeated illnesses.

Severe Malaria Cases (05:37)

Dr. Andrew Opete serves over 100,000 people in the Tororo region, seeing up to 200 patients afflicted with malaria per week. Most Ugandans believe the disease is caused by eating mangoes or witchcraft. Skovia is admitted and put on a quinine drip.

Contract Renegotiation (04:15)

Kabaseke describes how he begged East African Botanicals to continue purchasing his cooperative's Artemisia. The farmers receive lower pay. Mbehoma Bujune believes the rain has damaged the crop.

Education and Goals (03:37)

Kabaseke studies agriculture, management, and entrepreneurship at the Mountains of the Moon University. Future plans include increasing farmers and investing in a drying shed. Gertrude Balinda interviews Kabaseke at the local radio station.

New Malaria Patients (03:49)

Severe malaria patients are responding to treatment; Dr. Opete examines Simon. If someone needs a blood transfusion they must travel to Tororo Rock, the closest hospital.

Manufacturing Coartem (06:21)

Mohammad explains that partners are necessary to help teach necessary technologies. During a ritual, Bujune receives a tribal pet name and a she-goat. Kabaseke hopes to build a house on his property.

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The Plant that Cures Malaria

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Malaria kills a child in Africa every 30 seconds. The disease is both the cause and effect of Africa’s poverty. But in Uganda, a pioneering farmer, Clovis Kabaseke, believes he has an answer to both problems, using the Chinese herb Artemisia. Artemisinin-based Combination Therapies - are one of the best new hopes for defeating Malaria. Clovis hopes that by encouraging African farmers to grow the plant, he can cure both poverty and this deadly disease.

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