Titles in this Series

Distant Places, Forgotten Lives

Item #: 188151

The Deadliest Disease

Item #: 188152

The Plant that Cures Malaria

Item #: 188153

Fit for Life

Item #: 188154

A Healthy Start

Item #: 188155

The Deadly Combination

Item #: 188156

The Struggle to Breathe

Item #: 188157

The Hidden Invaders

Item #: 188158

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SURVIVAL looks at the unprecedented sums of money that are now being spent on tackling deadly diseases such as malaria, sleeping sickness and TB that still plague poorer parts of the world, killing thousands. Governments and charitable foundations are spending billions on drugs, research and prevention - but is it enough and is it working? This landmark series of documentaries examines what progress is being made and what still needs to be done and asks whether it is the moral duty of the richer nations to spend whatever it takes to stop people dying from curable diseases.

Length: 360 minutes

Item#: BVL188150

Copyright date: ©2018

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