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Helping to Educate (04:22)


In Sub-Saharan Africa, 24 million girls cannot afford to attend school. The government only pays for education through grade 7. School attendance decreases during the harvest when girls collect caterpillars.

Campaign for Female Education (03:20)

Boys have a better chance of finding paid employment if they are educated. CAMFED sponsors over 500,000 girls in five African countries. Educating girls decreases infant and child mortality levels, and HIV infection rates.

Student Christine Makiya (02:50)

The eldest of four children, Makiya wakes at dawn to perform daily chores before attending school. Her mother and grandmother travel a day's walk away to work a small plot of land. There is pressure in Zambia to financially support one's family.

Education Makes a Difference (04:31)

Gift Namuchimba is one of the first graduates of the CAMFED organization; she owns a stall that sells shoes. Alvin Hall advocates creating long-term goals for girls.

Six Months Later (02:37)

CAMFED purchases a bicycle for Makiya's mother. The organization plans on publishing a book of success stories to encourage children to create goals.

Concentrating on Education (04:15)

CAMFED sponsors the tuition and room and board for 60 girls at Iwitikila boarding school. CAMA is a self-supporting network that provides training in business skills and social outreach. Makiya is at the top of the class.

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Educating Girls

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Across Africa, millions of girls are denied a decent education. CAMFED aims to change that and break the cycle of poverty by paying for books, fees, even school uniforms.

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