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Homeless Children (04:27)


Approximately 20,000 children live and work on the streets of Phnom Pen, Cambodia. Friends International provides housing, emotional support, education, and vocational training; 3/4 of homeless turn to drugs.

Friends International (02:58)

The organization sells handmade goods to fund the social enterprise and provide vocational training. The government relocates the homeless to Andong village. Sebastien Marot builds a training center for vocational training.

Friends International Restaurant (05:16)

Gustav Auer runs a critically acclaimed restaurant. Romdeng serves food and has an art exhibition space. Alvin Hall advocates Marot set annual targets, prioritize the new restaurant, and incorporate children's artwork into merchandise.

Six Months Later (04:42)

Romdeng is a financial success and has surpassed the pilot restaurant in profits. A trainee chef returns to the kitchen after a suspension for fighting.

Social Entrepreneurship (04:26)

Marot describes how Friends International has created a business plan and target revenues for each enterprise. The profits from the shop selling merchandise have doubled in six months. Hall eats a tarantula.

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Friends International

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Thousands of children live on the streets of the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh. Friends International provides education, vocational training and work experience in their restaurants and shops so children can earn their way off the streets for good. Alvin Hall advises them how to boost their income, to help even more youngsters.

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