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Eco-Friendly Fish (04:11)


The amount of fish caught has increased five times in the past 50 years. The Marine Stewardship Council promotes sustainable fishing practices. The collapse of the Grand Banks Cod Fishery inspired Unilever to collaborate with the World Wildlife Fund.

Japan Fish Market (04:39)

The Japanese eat 10% of the world's fish. The Tsukiji Fish Market imports 40% of its fish. The MSC needs to raise public awareness; fishermen describe how the occupation has changed.

Marine Stewardship Council Certification (03:32)

Hiroyuki Myojin wants to become MSC certified to process skipjack tuna. Japanese consumers do not understand the logo. Hall advocates finding a marketing partner to help generate awareness.

Six Months Later (06:09)

Tosakatsuo Suisan is MSC certified; Rupert Howes visits the factory. At an eco-friendly conference, the MSC generates awareness of sustainable fishing and creates a more eye-catching logo; Aeon agrees to a partnership.

Business Celebration (03:26)

Myojin hosts a party where Howes and Hall sing karaoke. The group visits a Shinto temple to give thanks. Fish is fundamental to life in Japan.

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Sustainable Fishing

Part of the Series : Helping Social Entrepreneurs
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Sustainable fishing is important for the millions of fishermen who depend on the oceans for their livelihood and to the billions of people who eat fish. But at the moment there is little sustainable fishing. The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) was set up with the dual task of convincing both fishermen and consumers of the importance of sustainably caught fish. In this episode of Helping Social Entrepreneurs, Alvin Hall’s task is to help the MSC to convince both fishermen and consumers of its importance. We travel to Japan – the biggest consumer of fish and where more than forty percent of all fish sold is now imported. The oceans are under extreme pressure and many fear we are running out of fish. A grim example of this is the experience of the Grand Banks Cod Fishery, off the east coast of Canada. It had been landing tens of thousands of tons of cod every year for centuries. But in the early 1990’s, one of the world’s most abundant populations of the fish suddenly collapsed, leading to a total fishing moratorium.

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