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Israelis in Berlin (08:05)


More than 13,000 young Israelis have moved to Berlin in recent years. Shirah Roth cites the international vibe of Berlin and a less expensive cost of living as reasons for her move.

Immigration to Germany (03:27)

Many Israelis find it easy to get visas, assuming guilt from the Holocaust plays a role. ThoughJews are a small minority in Berlin, the city has been receptive to kosher restaurants and Jewish businesses. Some incidents of antisemitic violence have occurred.

Israelis Moving to Germany (04:07)

Many older Israelis are confused by the new trend since they spent years avoiding anything to do with Germany. Avi Binyamin grew up in an ultra-orthodox family in Israel but wants to continue his secular life as a personal trainer in Berlin.

Move to Berlin (02:51)

Binyamin has a goodbye lunch with his brother, who also wants to move to Berlin. At the airport, he meets his girlfriend, Gilly, who has already moved to Berlin for a job in IT.

Arabs and Israelis in Berlin (06:15)

The Jewish population in Germany is growing; the country also accepted over 1 million Arab refugees in 2015. The open-minded culture causes many Israelis to view the conflict with Palestine differently.

Remembering the Past (03:53)

Sawsan Chebli believes it is important for everyone in Germany to be educated about the Holocaust. Despite refusing to go with her Israeli high school to visit death camps in Poland, Roth visits a concentration camp near Berlin. Living in Germany helps her confront the horrors of the Holocaust.

Credits: Homeland (00:21)

Credits: Homeland

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Berlin was Holocaust headquarters — but for young Israeli Jews, it’s the paragon of cool. Why choose to live in the place where your people’s extermination was conceived and directed? Eric Campbell tracks one of the odder modern migrations as he goes inside Berlin's Jewish diaspora.

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