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Race in South Africa (07:34)


When the Afrikaners settled South Africa, they forced out any black landowners and only black workers were allowed to remain under Apartheid. Now, white farm owners are becoming the victims of violent robberies and attacks, which they claim are racially motivated.

Racial Violence in South Africa (06:09)

White farmers being attacked or murdered on their land has become a common occurrence. The country's farmer's union and Afrikaner lobbyists disagree on the number of murders committed in recent years. There is a high rate of crime among all populations in South Africa.

Crime in South Africa (02:10)

Violent crimes, especially armed attacks, are on the rise throughout the country. The Institute for Security Studies in Pretoria tracks all crime and believes too much focus is being put on the attacks on white farmers.

Politics in South Africa (05:50)

Afrikaner lobbyists fear the Economic Freedom Fighters, a new communist party that wants to nationalize all land and redistribute it to the poor. Its leader Julius Malema expels racial hatred at rallies and encourages people to take back the land that was stolen from them. The government adopted a plan to expropriate land but has yet to seize any.

Farm Attacks in South Africa (06:44)

An armed volunteer security team attempts to catch a robber at a white farm. Land owners, politicians, and legal experts still disagree on the motivation for the farm attacks, though most think race plays a role.

Credits: Bloodland (00:18)

Credits: Bloodland

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Are attacks on white South African farmers aimed at terrorizing them off the land? Should Australia offer them special haven, as some MPs there have suggested? Jonathan Holmes investigates.

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