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Australian Exiles (05:01)


Reporter Peter FitzSimons travels to Auckland, New Zealand were those deported from Australia usually arrive. Sean Williams and over 1,300 other New Zealanders have been deported in the last three years.

Australian Deportations (08:13)

Williams' wife and children are Australian, but he never applied for citizenship. New Zealanders are the largest population of non-citizens deported under Australia’s new laws about criminal violations. People judged to be "of bad character" can be deported.

New Zealand's Views (02:24)

FitzSimons speaks with New Zealand Justice Minister Andrew Little about how the country is handling the influx of people from Australia. He believes the new policies will harm the relationship between the two countries.

Deportees in New Zealand (02:59)

Auckland's construction boom has created many job opportunities for those deported from Australia. Anthony Miller has run a successful scaffolding company since arriving back in New Zealand after a drug trafficking conviction.

Pacific Relations (06:06)

New Zealand Foreign Minister Winston Peters believes it is critical for Australia and New Zealand to work together. Peters wants New Zealanders arrested in Australia to receive the same treatment as an Australian. FitzSimons hears opinions of average citizens at a rugby match.

Struggles with Separation (04:19)

More than 500,000 New Zealanders are living in Australian and two-thirds never apply for citizenship. The appeal process is long and costly, so most deportees are unable to visit their families in Australia.

Credits: Don't Call Australia Home (00:26)

Credits: Don't Call Australia Home

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Australia is detaining, cuffing, and deporting more New Zealanders than any other group. Guest reporter Peter FitzSimons finds it’s riling Kiwis and straining relations across the Ditch. Is this how they treat an old mate?

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