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Opposition to Putin (06:14)


Alexei Navalny hopes to run against Vladimir Putin in Russia's next election. Reporter Eric Campbell joins activists in St. Petersburg, who are calling for Putin to retire on his 65th birthday; Navalny and many of his campaign staffers are arrested.

Inspiration from Navalny (04:05)

Over 600 people were arrested at the protest against Putin and activists fear it could be worse on Putin's birthday. Navalny utilizes American-style political campaigning and has made a generation of young Russians believe he can defeat Putin.

Risk of Activism (02:27)

Criticizing the Russian government can be dangerous. Campbell attends a vigil for journalist Anna Politkovskaya, who was murdered 11 years ago on Putin's birthday.

Youth Activism (03:50)

Older activists use creative methods to encourage youth activism. Putin uses television for most of his propaganda; Navalny use YouTube to reach supporters and expose corruption in the government.

Activism in St. Petersburg (02:44)

The city is known for being the most European area of Russia. Some find Navalny's views on immigration and nationalism conservative and offensive. Many believe supporting Navalny is more about opposing Putin.

Pro-Putin Party (07:08)

Campbell attends a youth meeting of United Russia; the group has over 1,000 members. A pro-Putin motorcycle gang holds a rally on his birthday.

Oppression in Russia (04:10)

Russian society pushes many young people to rebellion, but not all forms are political. Many admit they are too busy with having fun and dating to focus on politics.

Political Protest (04:39)

Navalny supporters gather in the Field of Mars park. The city government begins renovations on the park the same day and authorities threaten to arrest everyone in the park. Attendees pretend they are out for a walk.

Political March (08:04)

As the sun sets, the protest turns into a spontaneous march through St. Petersburg. Protesters call for Putin's resignation and for Navalny's release from prison. Paramilitary police arrive and begin arresting people.

Credits: Happy Birthday Mr. President! (00:21)

Credits: Happy Birthday Mr. President!

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Vladimir Putin crushes opponents, but a growing army of young Russians is fighting back. Their gift to the strongman on his 65th birthday? A show of defiance and a demand to quit. Eric Campbell reports.

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