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Annual Salmon Run (03:29)


First-time mother, Parsnip, must protect and fatten up her cub, Pushki. Danger looms in the form of Van and Alice, a mating pair that has ruled the meadow with violence and intimidation. The film crew prepares to capture the annual salmon run.

Building Fat Reserves (05:00)

Pushki is still dependent on his mother’s milk. Parsnip must eat six to 10 fish a day to be ready for winter, but she is not very good at fishing. She leaves her cub vulnerable as the ill-tempered Alice approaches.

Master Fishing Class (06:15)

The salmon have already started running in the valley. Guide Chris Morgan leads the stakeout team down the coast to capture footage of fishing. Scrunch and her cubs approach as the crew rigs an underwater camera system. This mom is an expert fisher.

Top Bear Returns (05:10)

Guide Brad Josephs and cameraman Rolf Steinman head upriver in search of Van. Parsnip and Pushki spot him in the bay and keep to a safe distance. The massive male’s presence makes catching salmon that much harder.

Wolf Zone (04:38)

Parsnip has found another place to fish, but she and Pushki are watched by a pack of wolves. They are not likely to attack an adult bear, but they are a threat to the cub. A bull moose wanders into the equation.

Last Chance to Fatten Up (09:03)

A storm blows in from the Bering Sea, and only Parsnip and Van brave the elements and keep fishing. The grizzlies later converge on high tide, which brings a bounty of salmon. Van steals a seal from Alice but loses it.

Most Dangerous Standoff (04:08)

Van laments his lost seal, which has gone out with the tide. Bear expert Buck Wilde worries he could blame the crew. He retrieves his pepper spray as the agitated grizzly approaches.

Seal Scuffle (07:43)

Parsnip finds Van's prize carcass, but she must abandon it to a much larger male. The mother bear later finds a great spot to catch fish and makes the most of the end of the salmon run. The crew packs out and departs.

Credits: Great Bear Stakeout: Episode 2 (00:38)

Credits: Great Bear Stakeout: Episode 2

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The Great Bear Stakeout: Episode 2

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In this episode of The Great Bear Stakeout, the world-famous salmon run arrives in Alaska. The bears must catch hundreds of these fish if they are to bulk up and survive the harsh winter months. We discover that young grizzly mum Parsnip and her cub, Pushki, have returned to the bay to feed on the salmon. But predatory adult bears will kill cubs. Parsnip must protect her cub and learn the skills of fishing if they are to both make it through hibernation. As winter approaches, life gets more intense, survival gets tougher, and the threats get even greater.

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