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Introduction: Louis Theroux: Savile (03:44)


Theroux had a friendly relationship with Jimmy Savile after making "When Louis met Jimmy" in 2000. When allegations of child abuse emerged, Theroux decided to visit Saville's victims and friends to understand how he failed to uncover the behavior.

First Report of Abuse (05:44)

When Savile visited Duncroft, a boarding school for troubled girls, he kissed and groped students. Kat Ward thought men were sexual predators. He bribed girls by promising to take them to London to see his television program.

Savile's Secrets (03:27)

Rumors abounded about sexual abuse. Savile worked long hours, slept in vans, and allowed Theroux unprecedented access. On the "Jonathan Boss Show," Theroux stated he thought of Savile as a sexual enigma.

Savile's Longtime Assistant (06:02)

Savile felt encumbered by friends. Janet Cope worked with Savile for 28 years until he fired her without emotion. She never witnessed him show sexual interest in females.

Savile's Private Life (02:11)

Savile claimed the only woman he ever loved was his mother. He told Theroux part of the truth about himself, but omitted rape, molestation, and child abuse incidents.

BBC Involvement (06:02)

Two of Savile's former girlfriends said his first inquiry about girls were their ages. Gill Stribling-Wright worked with Savile on many occasions over the course of 30 years and never witnessed anything untoward.

Savile Pushes Boundaries (02:41)

A year after filming the documentary, Savile arrived at BBC offices for a follow up; he dressed and behaved inappropriately. He claims the tabloids did not care if the information was right, wrong, or factual.

Stoke Mandeville Abuse (07:51)

Authorities identified 326 victims of abuse. Chérie Wheatcroft felt Theroux's documentary was naive. Savile preyed on Wheatcroft after she had a child; she was afraid to come forward because of his money and influence.

Charitable Causes (08:19)

Savile raised millions of dollars to construct a new building at Stoke Mandeville Hospital and gain access to vulnerable people. Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer arrived for the opening of the National Spinal Injury Center. A medical secretary prayed about the allegations of sexual abuse and only saw the good in Savile.

Savile Follow Up Interviews (08:14)

Theroux visited Leeds several times after the documentary. Savile normalized physically invasive behavior with women. "Susan" recalls a sexual harassment incident. Radio Leeds asked for stories about Savile after his death.

Media Intimidation (05:00)

Dame Janet Smith published an article on BBC's role in the sexual abuse allegations. Theroux became upset after realizing he met two victims while Savile was alive. Angela Levin heard rumors Savile played with young girls who were paralyzed.

Power of Hindsight (05:48)

Savile gave away Cope at her wedding; she refuses to believe the Stoke Mandeville Report maligning Savile. Savile declared himself an opportunist. The director of "When Louis Met Jimmy" taped Savile after Theroux went to bed.

Victim's Story (09:11)

Savile abused Sam during church services at Stoke Mandeville Hospital when she was 11. She had been molested by her grandfather and Savile seemed to sense her vulnerability. Theroux struggles with feeling like a failure for not knowing Savile was a sexual predator.

Credits: Louis Theroux: Savile (00:41)

Credits: Louis Theroux: Savile

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In 1999 and 2000, Louis Theroux filmed with popular British radio and television personality Jimmy Savile for his documentary When Louis Met Jimmy. At the time Louis knew there was more to Savile than met the eye. But while he succeeded in showing a different side of Savile, the darkest side of this hugely complex man eluded him. Following his 2011 death, 'Saint Jimmy' was revealed to be a predatory sex offender with a vast number of victims, who had used his celebrity status to commit these crimes. In light of the devastating revelations about the disgraced star, Louis sets out to understand the truth by talking to people who worked closely with Savile, to some of his victims, and also by re-examining moments from the original film and footage that's never aired before on television.

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