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Female Gang Boss (04:21)


Louis Theroux meets Tawa. She is part of the National Transportation Union, legitimizing her control. Her "area boys" collect dues from commercial vehicles and extort fees from local businesses.

Area Godfather (03:56)

Theroux rides with Mammok to Oshodi in an attempt too meet one of the area's top bosses. MC's second in command joins them on route to a Muslim celebration. At the festivities, MC is too busy for an interview.

MC's Operations (05:02)

Area boys buy tickets from the boss, allowing them to collect dues from commercial transportation providers without harassment from police. Street vendors discuss unofficial tolls, but are interrupted by an official requesting permits and money from Theroux's camera crew.

Kick Against Indiscipline (05:17)

Master General Danjuma addresses the task force that enforces environmental legislation in commercial districts. Their goal is to clear streets of illegal traders, most paying taxes to area boys. The group demolishes merchant buildings built on public land.

National Union for Transportation Workers (07:55)

Theroux interviews MC regarding his role in Lagos, but his aide answers for him. The boss leaves after questioned about area boys. Mammok explains subject sensitivity and that there is no known corruption.

Protest March (03:22)

His authority threatened by political opponents, MC and his supporters march on Lagos government headquarters. The state governor addresses the crowd, promising to petition the president. The Transportation Union influences youth votes.

Community Presence (03:38)

MC attends social events, receiving celebrity treatment. Outside a Muslim celebration, a crowd of "street boys" demands money. Theroux observes that MC's popularity originates from public theatrics and his ability to connect to impoverished youth.

Marketplace Demolitions (03:50)

Theroux accompanies Kick Against Indiscipline officers on a mission to clean up Bariga district streets, destroying vendor stalls. Police provide security from area boys.

Area Boys (06:47)

Theroux interviews a small time gang, discussing collections, use of force, and allegiances; many are members of the National Union for Transportation Workers. Gang member “Cross And Die” claims they prefer not to fight, but legitimate jobs are unavailable. Their behavior is tolerated by the community.

Affirmed Leadership (04:37)

An emergency election to reaffirm MC’s legitimacy results in his victory; supporters celebrate. Theroux attempts to interview a man with a bloody shirt, but is instructed to go back to his vehicle when gunfire occurs. He and Mammok reconvene at a hotel.

Environmental Day (04:22)

Kick Against Indiscipline enforces new laws requiring residents to stay home and clean on the last Saturday of the month. Their offices are packed with non-compliant citizens waiting for transport to jail. Theroux questions the Master General about their tactics.

Mob Politics (03:33)

Theroux visits Mammok before leaving Lagos, asking about violence created by area boys. He compares MC to a monarchy, asserting that his authority stems from his ability to dominate. Mammock asserts that MC's impact is positive.

Credits: Louis Theroux: Law and Disorder In Lagos (00:31)

Credits: Louis Theroux: Law and Disorder In Lagos

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Louis Theroux: Law And Disorder In Lagos

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Louis Theroux spends time on both sides of the law in Lagos - the former capital of Nigeria and one of the fastest growing cities in the world. On the streets it is not the police who wield power but gangs of fight-hardened young men known as Area Boys. Meanwhile, KAI, the government's Kick Against Indiscipline paramilitary task force, bulldoze whole precincts and arrest hundreds if they detect any violation of the state laws. Louis wrestles with life in a world in which the forces of law and the forces of disorder are not always readily distinguishable and nothing is quite what it seems.

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