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Introduction: In Louboutin's Shoes (02:28)


Celebrities and royals wear Christian Louboutin's signature stilettos with red soles; they cost up to £6,000 a pair. BBC follows the designer for a year.

Louboutin's Schedule (04:41)

During Paris Fashion Week, Louboutin attends a Louis Vuitton show, then shows American Vogue Editor Hamish Bowles his new collection, discussing how shoe proportion impacts body presentation. Madame Yuqi Zhang shops at his original store, buying the highest heels as collectibles.

Special Clients and Collections (03:28)

At his Italian workshop, Louboutin reveals some of his unique and humorous designs. He collaborated with Angelina Jolie on heels for Maleficent openings and designed shoes for Princess Diana. Exclusive customers have their feet modeled into casts, costing £3,000.

Cobbler to Stars (02:55)

Louboutin's image is important for selling to wider markets; the So Kate is a makeover of the classic Pigalle, dedicated to Kate Moss. Main lines are manufactured at his Milan factory; a worker models prototypes for his inspection.

Sex Sells Shoes (03:12)

Louboutin prepares for next season's collection, staging a photo shoot for Look Book. He uses eroticism to market his product, asserting that high heels shape feet into orgasm position. He enjoys designing shoes that cannot be walked in; he shows pictures from his fetish line, photographed by David Lynch.

Himalayan Line (07:57)

Louboutin visits Bhutan to choose handcrafted wood designs he commissioned from the School of Artisans; students trained to retain cultural traditions expand artistic understanding. The isolated community limits visitor numbers; the Queen must agree on prototypes shipped out of kingdom.

High Aesthetic Standards (04:12)

At his home in Portugal, Louboutin sketches for the next season; he breaks to review swimming pool and landscape designs. His butler and personal assistant help manage his schedule and business empire. His job at Folies Bergeres has inspired his work, but he has been accused of imposing male fantasies on women.

International Expansion (03:38)

Louboutin prepares for a photoshoot for a Middle Eastern magazine. A childhood friend accompanies him on the trip. Louboutin discusses growing up around women and his parentage.

Mumbai Market (09:04)

Louboutin capitalizes on India's new mass market of millionaires, dedicating a line to opulent weddings. He addresses regional poverty and how his product requires high incomes levels; compromising quality offends him. His company relies on reputation for marketing.

Business Model? (04:16)

Selections from Bhutan arrive in Paris; Louboutin chooses designs to finish at the Milan factory. He makes adjustments to shoes before final productions. Louboutin's artistic impulses control his work and footwear empire.

Credits: In Louboutin's Shoes (00:27)

Credits: In Louboutin's Shoes

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Until relatively recently, Louboutin shoes were one of fashion's best-kept secrets: worn only by the fashion elite, the well-heeled and Hollywood A-listers, who would unflinchingly spend thousands on the red-soled super- heels. Now, Louboutin shoes are a familiar, instantly recognisable status symbol. With unfettered access to Louboutin himself at home in Paris and Lisbon, his Paris workshops, as he opens his new Mumbai store with its exclusive bespoke wedding shoes, and in the company of the Queen of Bhutan as he works on his extraordinary latest project the Bhutanese beauty shoe.

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