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Introduction: Marathon Man (02:16)


Eddie Izzard is a comedian, actor and sometime long-distance runner. He has come to South Africa for his second attempt at running 27 marathons in 27 days. His inspiration is President Nelson Mandela, who spent 27 years in prison because of his political beliefs.

Challenge Begins (04:03)

Izzard reflects on the challenge ahead of him. He will retrace Mandela’s life, starting with his birthplace in the Eastern Cape where midday temperatures can exceed 40 degrees Celsius. Izzard recalls meeting Mandela and takes a quick tour through the museum bearing his name.

Rough Day Two (04:11)

Izzard’s second marathon will take him to the railway station where Mandela left the provinces. His psychotherapist, Tim, checks his state of mind. Izzard struggles running on rough roads; he experiences back pain and heat fatigue. His doctor and childhood friend, Gary, offers moral support.

Recovery Marathon (02:15)

On day three, Izzard prepares to do “one of the slowest marathons that history has ever seen.” He recalls excreting brown urine on the third day of his previous attempt in 2012. His body seems to be holding up this time, and he is in high spirits.

Menacing Clouds (03:06)

Izzard is anxious on day four, though he feels stronger than before. Dr. Gary must return to England, and Tony, a paramedic, joins the team. Izzard undergoes blood and urine tests. He complains about temperatures before stormy weather brings relief.

Day Five Setback (01:55)

Dr. Gary does not like the previous day’s blood work, and Izzard does not run on day five. He heads to the same hospital where his previous attempt ended for more testing. He is advised to do a walking marathon instead of running.

Back on Track (04:25)

Izzard now has 21 days to complete 22 marathons. He is excited to carry on, but the heat and back pain take their toll. Tony fears a kidney problem is behind back discomfort, and Izzard heads to a hospital for more tests. The problem is actually dehydration.

Maze Run (01:53)

Izzard starts day seven by running the famous Labyrinth at Hogsback. Though he is further behind, Izzard paces himself more carefully and pauses to enjoy a monkey encounter and the region’s beautiful scenery.

"Captain of My Soul" (04:43)

Izzard is a marathon and a third behind schedule. To make up for this, he wants to run an additional 14 kilometers on day eight. He begins the day early on only a few hours of sleep. He finishes an entire marathon by noon, but he doesn’t stop there.

Media Day (05:16)

Izzard conducts interviews with British TV personality Lorraine Kelly and others while still on the move. He begins day 12 in Mountain Zebra National Park where he is accompanied by an armed ranger to guard against dangerous wildlife. He has a surprise encounter with a super-fan.

Community Center (03:49)

Izzard admires his majestic surroundings but struggles with low energy to start day 13. Local children join him as he runs through the Western Cape, a province that has its share of economic problems. Izzard visits Path Out of Poverty, a relief organization.

Plan for Catching Up (01:30)

Izzard starts day 18 before sunrise. He has been powering through his challenge but is still a full marathon behind schedule. He pushes himself to see if he is up to the task of running two marathons on the final day of his challenge.

Urban Run (03:18)

Izzard arrives in Cape Town, his first big city. He unwinds by having his nails done, and he recalls the challenge of coming out as transgendered. The next day, he runs through Solms-Delta Vineyard where he allows himself a glass of wine every quarter marathon.

Robben Island (04:11)

Izzard takes a ferry from Cape Town to the island where Mandela spent 18 of his 27 years in prison. The civil rights leader and other prisoners of apartheid were marched out for hard labor in this scenic setting. Izzard is awestruck as he visits Mandela’s cell.

Fun Run (02:08)

Izzard returns to Cape Town where bad weather rolls in for day 25. He runs through the city, navigating its streets, malls and landmarks. Afterward, he takes a special phone call from astronaut Tim Peake.

Final Push (08:10)

Izzard is nervous about his upcoming double marathon on his next to last day, and his anxiety makes him queasy. He flies to Johannesburg for the final push, which starts at 5 a.m. He fights through pain to finish at the Union Buildings where Mandela was sworn in.

Credits: Eddie Izzard: Marathon Man (00:31)

Credits: Eddie Izzard: Marathon Man

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Comedian Eddie Izzard travels to South Africa to run 27 marathons in 27 days in honor of his great hero, Nelson Mandela, and to raise a great sum of cash for charity. The journey begins in Mandela’s home town in Eastern Cape and continues through Cape Town, National Parks (beware the lions), Robben Island prison and the Union building where Mandela was sworn in as president. As Eddie runs, walks and staggers towards the finish line, the words of Nelson Mandela spur him on: "Do not judge me by my successes; judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again."

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