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Guggenheim Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibit (03:30)


Senior Curator Alexandra Munroe describes Chinese art from 1989 as courageous, subversive, and ironic—reflecting rapid, sweeping changes. Huang Yong Ping's "Theater of the World" featuring animals was withdrawn after animal rights activists protested. He says the West's adoration of animals mirrors self-adoration.

Tiananmen Square and Globalization (03:14)

The Guggenheim's exhibit features works produced from 1989 to 2008; learn about geopolitical events in 1989. Zhang Hongtu used art to express feeling of helplessness; see his painting "Last Banquet" commenting on the Cultural Revolution and censored by the Chinese government.

85 New Wave Movement (02:12)

After the Cultural Revolution, some artists left China and others formed an avant-garde community that became exposed to Western art. They experimented with controlled chaos to understand rapid changes and protest the political environment.

Creating Order From Chaos (04:07)

Artist and art official Qiu Zhijie curates radical exhibitions. He has mapped the history of contemporary art in China for the Guggenheim exhibition, and is interested in the writing process. Learn about the role of calligraphy in traditional Chinese culture.

Words Can Kill (02:29)

Xu Bing discusses how propagandists manipulated the Chinese language during the Cultural Revolution, during which he was forced to create large character posters. His work "A Book from the Sky" questions how meaning is created and perpetuated.

Chinese Art in the Digital Era (03:02)

China's Internet generation focuses on how the economic miracle has impacted individuals. Xu Zhen's provocative work "Rainbow" films his back reddening from being slapped. "Eternity" comments on blending Eastern and Western cultures.

Exploring Humanity (03:34)

Yu Hong's works are intimate and reflect China's rapidly changing society; she comments on confusion, indecision, and depression. Hear how oil painters are transforming the socialist realist propaganda tradition. Columnists share their impressions of the Guggenheim's "Art and China" exhibition.

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