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Discovering Japan (01:46)


Former international soccer player Hidetoshi Nakata has been traveling throughout his home country since retirement. In this video, he explores Tokyo.

Traditional Japanese Cuisine (03:02)

Nakata visits Tokyo restaurant Ukai Chikutei. Chef Seiji Yamaguchi draws inspiration from the seasons and nature. Presentation is a key element in the dining experience; counters allow patrons to watch chefs at work.

Tree by Naked (03:13)

Japanese food culture values beauty and is constantly evolving. A Tokyo restaurant includes projection mapping and virtual reality in the dining experience. CEO Ryotaro Muramatsu discusses merging art, technology, and eating.

State Guest House (03:46)

Completed in 1909, the palace hosts visiting heads of state and diplomats. Architect Katayama Tokuma included Japanese details in the European-style facade and drew inspiration from Versailles Palace. The Annex was added in 1974; both are open to the public.

Hanare Hotel (03:32)

Tokyo's historic Yanaka District maintains a traditional way of life. A new concept hotel integrates visitors with the local community by placing reception and rooms in different buildings. Nakata rents a bicycle to discover the neighborhood.

Glamping in Okutama (03:27)

Connection to nature is rooted in Japanese culture. Outside Tokyo, Nakata spends a night at Circus Outdoor, which offers a "glamorous" camping experience. He feels refreshed and tranquil in the morning.

Tokyo's Rivers (04:17)

Once called Edo, Tokyo was built on a waterway network. Many historic canals still exist and islands have been constructed from reclaimed land. A boat tour provides an outside perspective of the city. Nakata reflects on his Tokyo experience.

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