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Introduction: Leading Women Japan (02:32)


Japan boasts the third largest economy in the world but is facing labor shortage issues due to a declining birth rate and tough immigration policy. Half of women who work have part-time or temporary employment. This program will profile Kathy Matsui, Natsuko Shiraki, Yumi Chiba, Saori Yoshida, and Tomomi Nishimoto. (Credits)

Female Equity Strategist (04:09)

Matsui is a vice chair for Goldman Sachs Japan. Womenomics advocates women joining the workforce to boost the economy. Matsui describes how work became a therapy after being diagnosed with breast cancer and encouraging underprivileged women to pursue and education.

Female Conductor (04:17)

Nishimoto is the artistic director for the IlluminArt Philharmonic. She describes her early training and obstacles she faced. Japanese women need to have courage to pursue their goals.

Female Chef (04:32)

Sushi is not feminine or masculine. Chiba runs her father's restaurant in Shizuoka; challenges include balancing home and work. Categorizing jobs by gender imposes limitations.

Female Wrestler (03:41)

Yoshida describes her childhood, relationship with her father, and coaching Japan's national wrestling team. Martial arts are not divided by gender. Find a goal or dream and do not give up.

Fair Trade Designer (04:00)

Shiraki describes how her interest in the developing world led her to question her suppliers. Hasuna is Japan's first ethical jewelry company.

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CNN focuses on five women who are taking Japan forward, making a difference in their respective fields and acting as role models for future generations to come.

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