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Shenzhen, China (03:58)


Matt Rivers will explore the hometown of ZTE, where China is experiencing its version of Silicon Valley. Many hardworking young individuals are moving to the city. The government photographs every individual getting on the subway.

Tech Components (04:53)

Andrew "Bunnie" Huang compares Huaqiangbei to a wet market. Technology is an everyday thing in Shenzhen. Competitors improve products in an open market.

Design and Architecture (04:08)

In the Longhua District, a large art mural is adjacent to boutiques and coffee shops that have been converted from old factories. Steven Yang explains why he returned to China to create Anker. "Copycatters" can steal products more easily.

Automotive Industry (03:54)

Several Chinese electronic vehicle manufacturer rival Tesla. Build Your Dreams (B.Y.D.) designs cars, buses, trucks, and trains, and sells for them half the price.

Robotics (05:39)

Makeblock helps children innovate, construct toys, and learn basic programming. Hacks, a venture capital group, finances startups. The Chinese government has begun financing more STEM programs.

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Innovate: Shenzhen

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Matt Rivers explores the once small and impoverished fishing village of Shenzhen, now home to 12 million residents and China's tech startup hub.

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