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Video Games and Neuroplasticity (07:44)


Dr. Adam Gazzaley and other researchers are exploring the potential for video games to train our brains. Kathy Lasky, age 71, participates in the Advanced Cognitive Training Independent Vital Elderly Study, which involves playing Double Decision and other games that may improve cognitive function.

Competitive Gaming, Injuries, and Addiction (07:32)

The prize pool for the Dota 2 International championship is more than $20 million. Orthopedic surgeon and self-proclaimed “e-sports doctor” Levi Harrison describes his typical patient and injuries that can result from too much gaming. Psychologist Tao Ran discusses factors that contribute to internet addiction.

Prescribing Video Games? (07:18)

Researchers at UCSF observe A.J. Simon’s brain activity as he trains, using physical movements to respond to video game stimuli. Eddie Martucci is CEO of Akili Interactive, a company that is exploring the potential for treating cognitive disorders with games.

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Video Games

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Can you imagine a future where doctors are prescribing video games instead of drugs? It might be closer than you think. When used the right way, games can actually be good for you, training your brain to be stronger, faster, better. CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta investigates the science behind a new generation of games that can improve the speed of your visual processing, better harness your attention, and expand the depths of your memory. Plus, go inside the booming ultra-competitive world of eGaming and a first-of-its-kind Internet addiction treatment facility in China, the first country to declare this problem a "public health crisis."

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