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Astronaut Twins (09:01)


Dr. Sanjay Gupta interviews astronauts and identical twins Scott and Mark Kelly. Scott spent nearly a year aboard the International Space Station on a mission that kept him in space longer than any other astronaut. Gupta asks about the attempt to assassinate congresswoman Gabby Giffords, who is Mark’s wife.

Life in Space (06:20)

Gupta discusses world population projections and the potential need to find a new planet. He elaborates on the mental and physical challenges associated with long-term space travel, which include exposure to radiation and the impact of weightlessness on blood pressure.

Twins Study (07:21)

Experts Julie Robinson and Andrew Feinberg discuss the Astronaut Twin Study, which may help identify links between the environment and human health. The twins discuss privacy concerns that arise from having their data published. Scott Kelly describes the rush of re-entry.

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A Year in Space

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What if you have to live somewhere and could never leave, go outside? Could you live that way for six months? That is the usual length of time an astronaut spends on board the International Space Station. Now double that to nearly a year and you have Scott Kelly's historic mission. The ultimate goal is deep space travel, to Mars, and maybe beyond. Kelly's mission was the first step in determining if the human body and psyche can withstand the harsh environment of space for long periods of time. Kelly also has an identical twin that NASA is studying back on Earth. The answers from this study could change the future of space travel. Join Dr. Sanjay Gupta as he conducts the twins' first television interview since Scott's return, and find out what this year in space mission could mean for us all. 

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