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Robotic Heart Surgery (05:32)


Heart disease is responsible for 30 % of deaths in the United Arab Emirates and 45 % in the wider Persian Gulf region. Dr. Rakesh Suri discusses closed-chest heart surgery, which is done with the help of a robot.

Organ Care System (07:10)

Lee Hall is a 27-year-old leukemia survivor who has had a heart transplant. TransMedics founder Waleed Hassanein discusses the Organ Care System, state-of-the art technology that keeps hearts warm and beating before surgery. It has led to an increase in viable donor hearts.

3D Printing and Heart Imaging (08:29)

Young Mia Gonzalez can live the life of a normal kid after being treated for a rare heart defect that was killing her. Surgeon Redmond Burke explains how printing an image of Gonzalez’s heart allowed him to be less invasive as he performed her surgery.

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Mia Gonzalez did not know what it was like to be a normal child. She had breathing problems and was constantly in the hospital, even just for a common cold. By the time she was four years old, doctors had solved the mystery; it was a rare heart condition that was choking Gonzalez from the inside. Heart surgery on this little girl was necessary, yet risky, but a 3D printer would provide some clarity in a complex situation. Having an accurate model of Gonzalez's heart before the operation allowed the surgeons in Miami to create a plan long before they operated on Mia. It is just another way heart surgery is changing today. From robotic heart surgery in Abu Dhabi, to a transplant system that keeps the heart warm and beating outside the body, technology is changing the way we save hearts around the world.

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