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Stem Cell Donation (07:58)


Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains how blood functions in the body. Stem cell donor Stuart Phillips explains the importance of bone marrow donation to high school students in England. His marrow helped save the life of Celia Hutchinson, a cancer patient living in the United States.

"Man with the Golden Arm" (06:59)

Gupta discusses blood types. Australian James Harrison’s blood contains a rare antibody that is crucial to fighting rhesus disease, a condition that endangers newborn babies. He heads to the clinic to make his 1,101st donation; his blood has saved more than 2 million babies.

Emotional Meeting (07:04)

CNN visits a blood bank in Denmark, the country that has the highest rate of blood donation in the world. Phillips flies to Boston where he surprises Hutchinson; the two have kept in touch since the procedure that saved Hutchinson’s life.

Credits: Miracle Blood (00:16)

Credits: Miracle Blood

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This episode of CNN's Vital Signs focuses on the importance of blood, plasma, and bone marrow donation. James Harrison has saved donated his extraordinary, life-saving blood nearly every week for last 60 years, saving more than 2 million Australian babies. English stem cell donor Stuart Phillips flies to Boston to meet the woman whose life he has saved. 

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