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Introduction: America's First Muslims (02:21)


Prisoners are converting to Islam in large numbers. Experts estimate that 20,000 slaves brought to the New World were Muslim, but forced to accept Christianity.

African-American Mosque in Memphis (06:14)

Colima explains the history of the Nation of Islam; trace the history of African American's in the faith from the days of Muhammad. Imam Mahaj reflects on sex and violence, and how he draws inspiration from Malcolm X's transformation.

Gang Unit Leader (04:43)

Police pray before leaving to patrol the toughest neighborhoods in Memphis; everyone prays to the same god. Mahaj and other officers arrest several individuals for drug possession.

Incarcerated Muslims (04:49)

Lisa Ling interviews several felons who found Islam in prison. There is nothing in the Quran that teaches violence or destructive behaviors. Abdul Kareem is about to be released for good behavior after serving five years for assault.

Faith and Control (04:25)

Chaplain Ishmael helps those incarcerated control their anger using the Quran. Islam provides an excellent example of the kind of man who does not use violence; temptations will be endless once Kareem leaves prison.

Prison Release (04:14)

Kitty arrives to pick up Kareem; she is unsure what to expect. Many individuals have grown less tolerant of Muslim Americans.

Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes (06:05)

Hanifa has been a Muslim all her life. The hijab makes her feel independent and strong, but she worries it makes her a target; Islam is a religion of peace. Masjid al-Mu'minum hosts a self-defense class for women.

Marriage Intentions (04:50)

Strangers of the opposite sex are supposed to avert their gaze according to the Quran. April and Mahaj credit Islam for their marriage success. Kareem and Kitty try to reconnect after his prison release.

Prayers at Mosque (04:14)

After Chaplain Ishmael leads the service, the brothers welcome Kareem. He promises to take the proper steps to avoid prison. Some Americans fear Islam, but it has the power to transform and empower communities.

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America's First Muslims

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Contrary to what many might think, Islam is far from new to America. Lisa meets 3 very different African American Muslims and learns about the power of Islam to reshape lives in the black community, a community that can trace its connection to Islam back to the very first days of slavery.

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