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Economic Transformation (02:13)


China has reinvented itself in the past 50 years. Record numbers of immigrants continue to come to America.

Buying U.S. Assets (04:08)

Many Chinese invest in California to remove their money from their native country; the government owns all land in China. Rudy, a 23-year-old student, explains how his parents feel insecure with their prosperity because of communism.

Entrepreneurs in China (02:20)

The Chinese government allowed people to create businesses in the 1980s. Rudy's parents started an online gaming company. Second generation children living in America spend their parent's money.

Studying Abroad (02:52)

Approximately 70% of Arroyo Pacific's students are from China. Middle-class Chinese send their children to study in America. Joe Blackman oversees teenagers who do not have parental supervision.

Economic Opportunity (03:50)

Chinese immigrants have been coming to the U.S. for the past century. Aunt Ana describes how H.T. Ling came to find gold in California and established the Hop Sing Eat Shop.

Gateways to Citizenship (02:15)

Nearly every small city has a Chinese restaurant; Vincent Chow works in one upon arrival in America. Snakeheads smuggle individuals into the country.

Chinatown: New York City (03:49)

Many poor Chinese believe they will have more opportunity in America. Newly arrived workers seek jobs at employment agencies. Chow describes how he wanted to go to school and not work in a restaurant.

Exploited Workers (02:16)

Many Chinese immigrants receive no overtime, work long hours, and are paid less than minimum wage. Chow organizes a rally to demand better working conditions.

Birth Tourism (05:30)

Chinese women travel to give birth in American and obtain dual citizenship for their children. Maternity homes are legal businesses; operations can be suspect. Birth packages cost more $30,000.

Anchor Babies (05:26)

Opponents of immigration dominate media coverage. Ashley describes how a Chinese doctor asked her to terminate her pregnancy after learning one of her twins had a birth defect. Ashley will have to apply for a green card if she wishes to remain in the U.S.

Obtaining a Green Card (03:12)

Chow faces the possibility of deportation and has applied for n 11 year visa. People want a better life for themselves and the next generation.

American Dream Realized (04:05)

Changes in Chinese law affect citizens living abroad. Rudy's software company creates a virtual reality experience of wealth and privilege. Ling's daughter begins to learn Mandarin.

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Chinese in America

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Lisa explores the massive and economically diverse movement of immigration from China to the United States – and traces her own family roots, to find out what it means to be Chinese in America.

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