Segments in this Video

Introduction: Prison Love (05:16)


Taquita is marrying a man incarcerated in a maximum security prison. Jerome explains his downward spiral with drugs. (Credits)

Communication with Prisoners (02:19)

Taquita and Jerome regularly exchange videos through kiosks in the Pendleton Correction Center. She is returning to Indiana to marry him.

Freedom Through Education (05:19)

Shelby fell in love with a man convicted of first-degree murder while pursuing her PhD in education. Cody set fire to his crack dealer's home and will not be released until 2026 at the earliest.

Relationship Struggles (05:22)

Taquita asked Jerome for a divorce after the judge rendered his sentence. Jerome persevered, completing his GED and graduating from substance abuse class while incarcerated.

Opportunity to Remarry (03:49)

Corrections requires inmates take marriage counseling classes before a wedding. If Jerome's appeal is granted, the court will shorten his jail time.

Prisoner's Rights (06:45)

In Rhode Island, the death statute does not allow inmates to marry. The Department of Correction forbids workers to correspond with prisoners without permission. Shelby has not been able to see Cody since July 2014.

Marriage Counseling (03:13)

Chaplain Matt Peterson leads a counseling class for those getting married. Taquita and Jerome see each other for the first time in six years. Society does not look favorably on people who are incarcerated.

Reliving Terrible Moments (02:47)

Taquita shows Lisa Ling the house she and Jerome lived while he used drugs. Jerome emphasizes he has changed.

Prison Wedding (04:50)

Taquita and Jerome marry in front of their sons, fellow inmates, and a childhood friend. Chaplain Peterson officiates the ceremony. They are not sure when they will be reunited.

Appealing Death Statute (02:19)

The court has not made a decision about Shelby and Cody's marriage. Taquita returns to Arizona and video calls Jerome.

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Prison Love

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Lisa Ling investigates what drives women to seek a romantic companionship with a prison inmate.

Length: 43 minutes

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