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Middle East Economy (05:28)


The Middle East will likely face challenges, including fiscal consolidation, in 2017. The region needs to diversify and encourage growth in the private sector. Experts discuss oil export and Iranian oil production.

Dubai: Smart City (03:19)

Trending business stories in the Middle East include Arab youth, free trade, and the development of Hyperloop One. Dubai Future Accelerators uses a globalized model to help solve economic challenges.

Steve Wozniak (02:42)

Wozniak reflects on startups and innovation. He discusses the evolution of Apple, the return of Steve Jobs, and the status of the company.

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2017 and Beyond

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After suffering a volatile 2016 of political turmoil and low oil prices, what do the coming 12 months hold for the Middle East? We gauge the region's economic outlook for 2017. We will also look further into the future as Dubai plans to become of the world's leading smart city by 2021. Finally, we talk to one of the gurus of all things tech—a one on one with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

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