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Breaking New Barriers (07:21)


Doing something unique in Japanese society is odd. The governor of Tokyo discusses working in journalism, preparing for an ultra-aging society, and female empowerment. Women need to choose between having a career or family; Japan is more chauvinistic and rigid than the United States.

Life in Politics (03:46)

The costs associated with hosting the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics are enormous. Koike discusses promoting a future vision for Japan and visiting the Rio Olympics. Students need to be more courageous and dynamic.

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Yuriko Koike

Part of the Series : Leading Women: Series 2
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They are innovators and inspirations - Leading Women connects you with extraordinary women at the top of their field. As Tokyo’s newly-elected first female governor, Yuriko Koike isn’t just breaking through the glass ceiling, she is shattering what she calls the steel ceiling in Japan. She discusses with CNN's Will Ripley the professional challenges women in the country face, the impact of hosting the Olympics games in 2020, her advice for the next generation of leaders and her hopes for the future of the country.

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