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Chief Executive Officer (04:27)


Hewlett Packard is the only Fortune 500 Company with a lead independent director, CEO, and Chief Financial Officer who are female. Meg Whitman discusses technological changes, diversity, lay-offs, and challenges. Inaction is worse for business than making a mistake.

Career Risk-Taking (04:02)

Whitman discusses lessons learned during her gubernatorial candidacy, Bain Consulting, and switching from pre-med to business.

Influences, Mistakes, and Advice (02:30)

Whitman discusses her mother's trip to China and losing the Japanese market to Yahoo. Do the assigned job well.

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Meg Whitman

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As the president and CEO of Hewlett Packard, one of America's oldest technology companies, Meg Whitman has overseen the highs and lows of this iconic brand. Poppy Harlow sits down with the Fortune 500 CEO as she talks about taking risks and the responsibility of steering a billion dollar company in the right direction.

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