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Head of the International Monetary Fund (03:46)


Every success story requires hard work and dedication. Christine Lagarde is the first female managing director of the IMF. Companies bring in women to rebuild trust, reestablish teamwork, and troubleshoot solutions. (Credits)

Failure and Obstacles (02:47)

Lagarde meets with groups of women and young people from every country she visits to understand their plight. The IMF leader discusses her admission being declined twice at the National School of Administration and appealing an investigation on fraud.

Female Pioneers (05:02)

Being a single mother is difficult; Lagarde discusses balancing career and family. She once rejected a job at a law firm after learning she would never be made partner. The most powerful woman in global finance provides advice for aspiring financiers.

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Christine Lagarde

Part of the Series : Leading Women: Series 2
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Getting personal with one of the most powerful women in the world—Christine Lagarde. As IMF chief, Lagarde has the daunting job of monitoring the global economy. She opens up about the responsibility she feels as the first woman in her position and shares personal stories, including why she walked out on a job interview. From making mistakes to motherhood, this is a special conversation with Christine Lagarde.

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