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Mariah Carey: Singer/ Songwriter (06:28)


Carey has sold more than $200 million in singles, albums, and videos. The world gives more credit to men in power. The musician describes how she struggled with not fitting in, feeling blessed, and philanthropic efforts.

Padmasree Warrior: Technology Innovator (05:08)

The Chief Technology Officer of Cisco describes her drive to learn, working in a male-dominated field, and the rapid pace of tech industry. Influencing a large company is a rewarding experience. Experts believe she could replace John Chambers when he retires.

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Mariah Carey/Padmasree Warrior

Part of the Series : Leading Women: Series 2
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The life, the career, the voice of Mariah Carey; we sit down for rare one on one interview with the bestselling female artist of all time. We learn about her inspiration to dream, her mentors and her desire to give back. We also meet Padmasree Warrior of Cisco who, like Mariah, is also a leader in her field of technology and innovation. Warrior believes opportunity is how you shape it. Both women, who are considered visionaries, tell us what it means to be a role model to future generations of female leaders.

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