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"The Band's Visit" (07:28)


The Broadway musical is based on an Israeli film in which a traveling band ends up in the wrong town. Many actors are from the Middle East or have Arab heritage. Being authentic to Arab culture and music helps the show's success.

Maz Jobrani (08:06)

Joborni is an Iranian-American comedian performing in Los Angeles. He comments on social issues and global politics while poking fun at his Iranian heritage. He feels growing up within Iranian and American cultures helped his comedy develop.

Nano Raies (06:34)

Raies is a Syrian singer-songwriter and composer who moved to the U.S. just as civil war began. She puts a new take on a traditional Arabic song for a performance in New York.

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The stage is perhaps the foremost platform for singers, actors and comedians to showcase their talents. For many around the world, making it big on an American stage is the ultimate.

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