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"Tribe" Magazine (07:01)


Mubarik Jafery began the Middle East's only photography magazine to showcase and archive Arab photography. He hopes to feature Emirati photographer Ammar Al Attar. Much of his work documents everyday life in northern Emirates.

Developing Photographers (08:46)

"Tribe" includes work from major photographers, series from lesser known photographers, and profiles. For many, like Ali Al Sharji, the magazine is the first time their work has been published. Jafery enjoys working with emerging artists who are redefining photography in their countries.

"Tribe" Operations (06:17)

Co-founder and photo editor Sueraya Shaheen frequently travels to meet photographers, like Wafaa Bilal. Shaheen is working on a portfolio of Arab photographers in their working environments.

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Enter the creative minds of some of the region's up-and-coming photographers and their mission to promote photography from the Middle East.

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