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Geeky Lizard (07:21)


Omar Sharif Al Ali owns the comics, gaming, and collectibles store in Dubai. He and other comic book store owners opened their stores because few existed in the Middle East. A comic community has developed around the stores in Dubai.

Comics in the Arab World (06:55)

Saeed Arjumand is a comic illustrator and store owner in Dubai; comic books can help children with learning disabilities. Yasser Alireza grew up in Saudi Arabia and used comics to escape the oppressive culture.

Arab Superhero (06:52)

After the success of Marvel's "Black Panther," comic fans in Dubai hope an Arab superhero gains popularity. Comic artist Fatima Almheiri creates Emara as a representation to other Emiratis.

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Comic Book Heroes

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Meet the region's animators and comic book writers whose work is now in the spotlight thanks to the conversation about race, gender, and identity sparked by Black Panther.

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