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Nabatean Civilization (06:31)


Nabateans carved houses and tombs into mountains in Saudi Arabia. The culture is most known for the city of Petra, but they also built Hegra. Archaeologists learn more about the ancient civilization by studying restoring the city.

Archaeological Survey (06:32)

Saudi Arabia has opened to tourism in recent years. The government conducts the survey to preserve ancient cultural and heritage sites and present them to the public.

Technological Archaeology (08:12)

Archaeologists must survey, study, and protect over 2,300 square kilometers in the Saudi desert. The team uses the newest technologies, like drone surveying, on the ancient city of Al Ula.

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Endangered Archaeology

Part of the Series : Inside The Middle East
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The rich and diverse archaeology of the Middle East and North Africa is under threat. Archaeologists and scientists race against time to preserve the region's ancient past.

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