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La Perle (08:11)


Franco Dragone, a well-known Italian theater director, has created some of Cirque du Soleil's longest running shows. He is working on a new resident show in Dubai. Dragone and his investor want to bring a new form of entertainment to the city.

Palestinian Museum (06:24)

There are thousands of archaeological sites in Palestine and many items are housed at the Palestinian Museum. The museum has a modern design and acts as a cultural center. It features works from Palestinian artists.

Qusai Kheder (07:49)

The Saudi artist combines traditional Gulf music with American-style hip-hop. He has lyrics in Arabic and English, allowing for more people to understand and enjoy his music. His career negan in the late 1980s when musical performances in Saudi Arabia were rare.

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From witnessing your first stage play to listening to a new musical composition, art has the power to engage, empower, transcend and transform.

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