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Moroccan Surfing (06:14)


Morocco is a popular destination for surfers because of its perfect point breaks; surfing is growing in popularity with local Moroccans. The World Surf League holds an international competition in Casablanca.

Surfing in Taghazout (08:34)

Ramzi Boukhiam, the highest ranked surfer from Morocco, frequents the center of surfing in Morocco. Fahd Elmania has been making and repairing surf boards in the village for almost 20 years.

Women in Surfing (06:35)

The stigma around Arabic women in sports results in a slow rise in popularity. Fatima Berrada is one of the few women competitive surfers in Morocco.

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Surf's Up, Morocco

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We're in Casablanca to follow the young Moroccans making waves on the international surfing circuit and go to Agadir where the scene was born.

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