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Aly Khamese (03:20)


Khamese travels from Cairo to England to perform in the Liverpool Arab Arts Festival. Contemporary dance began gaining popularity during and after the Arab Spring. Khamese credits the revolution for widening his thinking about dance.

Liverpool Arab Arts Festival (02:46)

Khamese and other contemporary dancers perform at the World Museum in Liverpool. British choreographer Zosia Jo wants to contrast the exhibit on Ancient Egypt with life in modern Egypt.

Khamese's Life in Cairo (05:43)

Khamese hopes to use the Liverpool festival to connect with a foreign audience about his experience during the Arab Spring. He spent most of his childhood at the Townhouse Gallery. For years, contemporary dancers developed without any formal or standardized training.

Art and Activism (02:15)

Many artists involved in the Arab Arts Festival are also activists and use art to comment on politics. Performance artist Basil Zara draws on his experience as a Palestinian refugee for inspiration.

Artistic Performance (08:09)

The festival theme is the space between us. Jo allows people to experience a part of modern Cairo. The performance ends with a solo by Khamese about people who died during the Arab Spring.

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Follow aspiring dancer Aly Khamees from Egypt as he prepares to raise the profile of the Middle East's contemporary dance scene, performing at the Liverpool Arabic Arts Festival.

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