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Abdulnasser Gharem (08:53)


Gharem is a self-taught Saudi artist and former member of the military. His art studio in Riyadh is seen as a place of escape for young artists in the conservative city. After his time in the military, he moved away from traditional portraits and landscapes.

JR (05:05)

The artist gained fame by plastering his photographs on walls in Paris. The Qatar Museum is the first museum in the Middle East to feature his work. JR still does most of his work in the streets for free.

Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid (08:01)

Born into an elite, artistic family, Zeid was one of the first women to study art in Turkey. She fused traditional Arabic designs and patterns into European expressionism. She opened many doors for female artists in the Middle East.

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Artistic Revolutionaries

Part of the Series : Inside The Middle East
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We discover three artistic pioneers, each with an intriguing double life that allowed them to break the mold and revolutionise the world of art.

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