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Spanish-Arabic Music (06:53)


The ancient village of Ferreirola reveals Islamic influence brought by Moorish settlers. Musicians like El-Amir infusr Arabic sounds into flamenco music. He explains the joint history of the guitar and the oud.

Spanish-Arabic Cuisine (06:03)

Influences of the Moors and the Andalusia empire are apparent in many southern Spanish dishes. Food guide Diego Gil takes visitors to local restaurants in Cordova so they can experience the area's Moorish history.

Islam in Spain (08:47)

The Alhambra fortress in Granada shows the area's strong Islamic history. The fortress is filled with staples of Islamic architecture.

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Andalusia's Islamic Legacy

Part of the Series : Inside The Middle East
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The mighty fortress of Alhambra is the starting point of a journey through Andalusia in search of the cultural imprint left by the Moors more than 500 years ago.

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