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Music in Beirut (07:48)


Musicians Yasmine and Zeid Hamdan formed Soapkills shortly after the civil war ended and created a new form of Arabic music. Yasmine felt she could not grow in Lebanon and moved to Europe, while Zeid started a music label in Beirut.

Music Presentation (07:48)

Yasmine changed perceptions of musicians in Lebanon; she is not a commercial pop star or traditional Arabic singer. Her music is uniquely Lebanese, inspiring other artists.

Power of Beirut (06:19)

Yasmine has been continuing her solo career in France but returns to Beirut to film a music video. She still feels at home and finds inspiration from the city.

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Lebanese Music Scene

Part of the Series : Inside The Middle East
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We follow the modern face of Arabic music in Lebanon as Yasmine Hamdan rekindles the connections of her past and explores Beirut's ever growing musical scene.

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