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The Inspiration (06:41)


Jewelry designer Azza Fahmy takes inspiration from Egyptian heritage. She has a line of necklaces based on houses along the Nile River and is partly responsible for the collection of Egyptian jewelry at a cultural museum in Cairo.

The Story (06:12)

Fahmy started her career as a jeweler at Khan el-Khalili. The market is the hub for modern jewelry selling and making in Egypt. Fahmy was the first woman to apprentice at the market in the 1960s.

The Factory (02:16)

Fahmy has a workshop that handles all steps of production for her jewelry. She uses traditional techniques to make contemporary jewelry.

The Future (07:27)

Fahmy opened the Azza Fahmy Design Studio to give young designers a place to develop and test ideas. Fahmy has also branched out into fashion, art, and architectural design.

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Egypt's Artisan Ambition

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Internationally acclaimed jewellery designer Azza Fahmy unravels the story of Egypt's jewel heritage.

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