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Mohammed Fairouz (07:59)


Fairouz’s "The New Prince" debuted at the Dutch National Opera. The composer was born in the United Arab Emirates and grew up in New York. He sees music as a global language that allows all people to connect with each other.

Khalid Aibaih (04:03)

Aibaih is a satirical cartoonist who gained popularity during the Arab Spring. Growing-up in Dubai has helped his work relate to people of diverse backgrounds. He has published a political cartoon every day for the past eight years.

Yaser Bakr (06:16)

Bakr is a star of Saudi Arabia’s newly emerging comedy scene. When he started, there was no place to perform so he opened the country's first comedy club in Jeddah. He holds weekly auditions for new spots to help grow Saudi comedy.

Hatoon Kadi (03:34)

Kadi is one of the few female comedians in Saudi Arabia. She is a writes and presents the YouTube show "Noon al Niswa." She is positive about the future of women in Saudi comedy.

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