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Dia Azzawi (03:30)


The London-based Iraqi artist's work shows a deep connection to the Middle East. A retrospective exhibit in Doha, Qatar will feature 500 pieces of his work and be the largest ever exhibit for an Arab artist.

Artistic Mediums (02:42)

Azzawi is mostly known as a painter but has experimented in other mediums. In Jordan, he challenges himself by working with sculpture.

Amman, Jordan (07:05)

Amman is becoming a hub for creativity in the Middle East. Azzawi travels to the city to prepare an exhibit for another Iraqi artist at the contemporary art museum.

Azzawi's Exhibit (07:48)

Azzawi helps build the collection of modern Arab art at the Islamic Museum in Doha. The exhibit includes pieces of his work that he has not seen in over 50 years. Much of his work is political and a response to historical events in the Middle East.

Credits: Contemporary Arab Art Scene (00:09)

Credits: Contemporary Arab Art Scene

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We delve into the world of contemporary Arab art through the inter-connected stories of one man, three museums. We look at his art, his protégés and the people who collect it. From exhibitions in London's British museum to the region's largest ever retrospective to an Arab artist in Qatar, this episode of Inside The Middle East gets to know artist Dia Azzawi.

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