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Debate on Modern-Day Slavery (02:30)


Richard Quest introduces panelists Hunt Alternatives Chairperson Swanee Hunt, Carr Center Program on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Director Siddarth Kara, Girls Educational CEO and Mentoring Services Founder Rachel Lloyd, Commission United Against Human Trafficking President Rosi Orozco, and UNODC Goodwill Ambassador to Combat Human Trafficking Mira Sorvino.

Human Trafficking (04:48)

Hunt and Sorvino discuss their interest in human objectification. There are 22-36 million slaves generating over $150 billion in profits for exploiters. Lloyd's history with exploitation inspires her to fight against trafficking.

"Children for Sale" (06:59)

A woman argues with an exploiter; men can claim women as property by making eye contact. Ambassador Susan Coppedge discusses her fight against human trafficking. Most people working in the commercial sex industry are young, low income, and minorities; johns have an average income of $120,000 a year.

Legalized Prostitution? (04:18)

Hunt believes pimps and johns must be criminalized; the women are the ones most commonly arrested. Experts discuss safe harbor laws and summarize arguments against human trafficking.

Origins of the Trafficked (06:09)

Each year, approximately 16,000 trafficking victims are brought into the U.S.; 2 million children are sexually exploited around the world. Orozco describes exploitation as a family business in Mexico. Sorvino discusses victim Karla Jacinto's tenacity.

Trafficking Laws and Intervention (04:06)

Pawtuckett, RI has the "body works" ordinance, but no enabling legislation for enforcement. Hunt cites the "rule of law." Lloyd discusses the need to focus on human trafficking prevention and addressing suspected issues in the early stages.

Social Crisis (06:08)

A young girl explains her mother's decision to sell her virginity. Sorvino discusses exploitation and solutions; Hunt reflects on "johns" going to Cambodia. Debt bondage and disenfranchisement are fundamental aspects of modern day slavery; microcredit and resource redirection are part of the solution.

Conscious Consumerism (01:46)

Sorvino discusses the need for transparency in the supply chain; retailers may not know if products were produced with slave labor. Kara believes consumers would willingly pay higher prices for goods they know are not tainted.

"Trafficked" (04:28)

Kara creates a film based on his research into human trafficking. He believes society is just beginning to realize the prevalence of child labor and slavery in the global economy. Sorvino cites the need for vetting mechanisms.

Thoughts for Change (05:59)

Ambassador Susan Coppedge wants to be a voice for trafficking victims. Panelists cite one thing they would like to see done to combat human trafficking. Audience members and panelists make paper airplanes.

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Harvard University and the CNN Freedom Project join forces for a special panel event examining the fight against human trafficking in America.

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