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Noxolo Dlamini: Actress (07:33)


"Sarafina" is based on Soweto riots. Dlamini describes auditioning several times before meeting Mbongeni Ngema and how she feels connected to the title role. Advice for aspiring performers includes work hard and persevere.

Comfort Arthur: Illustrator and Animator (07:40)

Conversations, arguments, and interactions on the streets of Accra inspire the filmmaker. Projects include "Imagine," "Black Barbie," and "Naughty Ni." Ignite Ministries helps aspiring movie makers.

Susan Murabana: Astronomy Outreach (05:36)

Science is not boring, difficult, or for the West. "The Traveling Telescope" helps introduce Africans to astronomy with a portable planetarium. Murabana wants to build a permanent observatory and encourage children to study the night's sky.

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