Segments in this Video

Introduction: Gloria and Me (01:45)


Gloria wants to educate others about Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. She discusses her weight loss and displays loose skin, evidence of muscle atrophy. All her muscles are deteriorating, including those powering internal functions.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (03:35)

Most die within five years a diagnosis of Lou Gehrig's Disease. Gloria learned of her condition two years ago; she recalls her and family's reactions to the news.

Right to Die With Dignity (03:59)

Gloria fights for physician assisted suicide rights. She joins a lawsuit filed by the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association, challenging Canadian laws making it illegal to perform euthanasia. They speak at a press conference regarding compassionate care for terminally ill patients.

Gloria's Therapy (05:39)

Gloria sees a professional who utilizes needles to lessen pain; she does not like taking narcotics. He assesses her regression, noting changes in atrophy and mobility. He may soon end their appointments because Gloria's muscles are too small to puncture.

Life Before Terminal Illness (06:37)

Every six months, Gloria receives visits from her family. They discuss her condition, grieving, and her youth. Gloria asserts that joining Alcoholics Anonymous and staying sober is her greatest accomplishment.

Public Appearance (07:31)

Gloria speaks at a Dying With Dignity conference. She asserts that she should be able to minimize pain and maximize peacefulness of death. Others describe the effects of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

Court Decision (04:29)

A year after the launch of the lawsuit, Gloria learns they have won. She watches a news broadcast wherein lawyer Grace Pastine explains the Right To Die case.

Media Attention (03:20)

Gloria speaks at a press conference regarding the Right To Die decision; it gives her comfort to know she can seek professional assistance when ready. She asserts that euthanasia is not assisted suicide, but a choice for dignified death; she hopes the case empowers others to make positive changes.

Family Grief (04:40)

It has been two years since Betty has visited Gloria; she struggles with seeing her deteriorate. Betty has lost her husband and father and finds losing another loved one difficult.

Gloria's Outing (03:02)

Gloria goes sailing on a boat custom designed for the disabled. She enjoys the experience, expressing appreciation for the beauty that surrounds her.

Gloria's Deteriorating Condition (05:38)

Gloria has a lift installed to help her in and out of bed; she does not want to move into a care facility. Pain inspires Gloria to go to the hospital. She does not want to die in the facility, but rejects resuscitation if her heart should fail.

Gloria's Death (02:35)

Gloria dies from a perforated colon infection; her death is peaceful, and she is surrounded by family and friends. All attend her funeral service and dump her ashes into the river. Her lawyer expresses regret that she did not get the chance to thank her for her courage.

Afterword and Credits (02:30)

Hear final thoughts on Gloria; she leaves a video message for loved ones. See placards regarding Canadian euthanasia laws. (Credits)

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Four days after Gloria Taylor was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease, she crafted Plan B—an arrangement for someone to help her die. Gloria was terrified that she would become trapped in her body as her ALS progressed, and she was incensed that other Canadians with serious illnesses were facing the same cruel predicament. She spent the last days of her life tirelessly advocating to change the law that said it was a crime to help someone commit suicide. With intimate access, this documentary captures the spirit of a small town girl, who puts the issue of death with dignity at the forefront of our collective conscience.

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